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* My Results *

24.2.12 – EURUSD +60 pips (another 76 pips was possible after i went to bed)

Forex Social Signals scans Facebook, Twitter and other sites looking for an increase in discussion about forex pairs people are about to trade.

Part of this discussion may be alerting you to pairs that are being discussed as part of  the social trading phenomena.

Social Trading is where people follow the trades of other profitable traders and profit along with them.

That’s great but it is only contained to one platform or site.

Forex Social Signals takes social trading to a whole new level scanning for everyone’s trade idea’s worldwide!

Imagine you knew about the Japanese Tsunami before anyone else…

How much money could you make?

A lot right!

Well people did know about it before it hit the mainstream news.

From social media sources like Twitter.

Forex Social Signals scans these sites looking for exactly those opportunities!

Here’s EXACTLY what you get as a subscriber

  1. Powerful Forex Signals with a 60 to 70% Chance of Profitability on the markets – There is NO OTHER FOREX SIGNAL PROVIDER out there that can back this claim up – We have LIVE video proof to back ITM’s signals!
  2. Each Signal comes with the name of the Currency Pair, Entry and Exit Price, target price to set your Limits to, Stop Loss to place, and the direction of the trade (Long or Short) — e.g. EUR/USD, Entry: 1.3125, Exit: 1.3225, Stop Loss: 1.3095, Direction: LONG.
  3. Each Signal comes with an FX Chart to back the signal! You will see charts showing why the system has predicted a particular move, explain why prices are what they are – This is a level of proof NO OTHER FOREX SIGNALS PROVIDER out there is even remotely capable of giving – Infact, none of our competitors will ever give you this information because they just aren’t capable of producing signals that actually prove profitable in the first place!
  4. Even if you DON’T use the signals, the amount of information ITM Financial provides for every signal is a Top-Notch Forex Education on its own!
  5. All Forex Signals can be viewed by logging into the ITM Financial Web-Based Platform – It’s extremely easy to use, you don’t need any technical skills, and it requires nothing more than you just logging in for you to get immediate access to the signals for the day.
  6. Every week, you will receive a video showing the Top 5 FX Signals of the week and how we traded them LIVE and profited from them – Once again, LIVE video proof backing every signal provided by the ITM Financial System.
  7. If you subscribe to receive Email Alerts (for a small extra charge), the ITM Financial System will automatically email you new forex signals AS SOON AS THEY ARE DISCOVERED – This means you can place your trades even faster – Not having email alerts means you’ll need to either keep logging into the system frequently to check for updates, or simply stay glued to the ITM Financial screen – Either way, you will have LIVE access to the signals whether or not you have subscribed to Email Alerts, though having Email Alerts will obviously ensure that you get the signals faster.
  8. A Monthly Training Webinar where ITM FX Analysts will take your questions and give you sneak-peaks into the markets in times ahead – This information alone is worth THOUSANDS of dollars if you were to hire a forex analyst to advise your trading.

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